Paul Aspden



Been djing 20+ yrs, spent 8 yrs in Greece doing bars and clubs, specialising in old skool and bouncy house 🙂

Paddy Conlon

Dj Phats

Old Skool


I'm an old hand of the mobile disco and karaoke scene a mear 18 years entertaining the general public at nightclubs, hotels and the old pub down road. Love the old skool stuff as well as the UK pop charts which I started playing on my radio station, I'm known now as djphats of and help a mate out on Raiztv

Ross McAtasney

Dj Quicksilver


From Glasgow and lived there most of my adult life, I have zero djing experience and have spent most time playing guitar for 15 yrs, music has been a massive part of my life and hope to bring a diffenrt element to rays ravers and maybe even a change of pace at times

Raymond Grant

Dj Hardcore

The King Of Hardcore


Dj Hardcore grew up in inverness,scotland started djing at the age of 12 mixing trance music, he then went on to mc before going back into mixing happy hardcore, done a few charity events for children with special needs at the age of 15, in 2007 Dj Hardcore went into partnership with Destiny Radio only lasting a few month before Dj Hardcore Left and created RaysRavers Radio, in late 2007 RaysRavers was born the best in internet radio broadcasting,and as you can see and hear is still the best in radio, Catch Dj Hardcore Kicking It Down Everyday On RaysRavers From The Vault ( hits from the 60's,70's,80's,90's & now) & With HardcoreXplosion (the very best in happy hardcore)